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  Till Wegmüller ac42675b20 Fixup go module path 1 year ago
  Till Wegmüller 5fcc41076e Merge syscall stuff 1 year ago
  Till Wegmüller 76ffa5ec69 Testing SOlaris Changes 2 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 982626487c
Merge pull request #62 from kuba--/enhancement-tempdir 2 years ago
  kuba-- e7da41f934
Add TempDir 2 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 5995254363 go modules support 2 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola b4d81ed1e4
Merge pull request #61 from akavel/patch-1 2 years ago
  Mateusz Czapliński 9475980aeb
readme: fix a brok en sentenc 2 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 83cf655d40
Merge pull request #59 from jfontan/query-filesystem-capabilities 2 years ago
  Javi Fontan c1e3d52cfc Add capability tests to chroot, mount and polyfill 2 years ago
  Javi Fontan 5bb98d7916 Rename capability names to <name>Capability 2 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros dc8550bbc2
Merge pull request #58 from smola/go-travis 2 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola b703ce19a3 ci: test Go 1.9.x and 1.10.x 2 years ago
  Javi Fontan e2ca534568 More documentation and add CapDefault 2 years ago
  Javi Fontan d198577eb8 Add CapabilityCheck helper function 2 years ago
  Javi Fontan a22d18325a Add Capability function to query fs capabilities 2 years ago
  Javi Fontan df053870ae
Merge pull request #55 from jfontan/fix/copypath 2 years ago
  Javi Fontan 525bd90fb1 Some errors are lost in copyPath 2 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 027dceab1a
Merge pull request #51 from mcuadros/glob 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 5415d4e7fc
util: Glob function 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros e940f8b62a
Merge pull request #50 from whickman/wh/handle-bad-file-path 3 years ago
  Will Hickman e608ed0cc6 use filesystem seperator 3 years ago
  Will Hickman 800997893c windows 3 years ago
  Will Hickman 8cd110089c Handle filenames with leading periods correctly 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 053dbd006f
Merge pull request #48 from keybase/strib/gh-truncate 3 years ago
  Taru Karttunen 0aa82040a3 Add test for truncating files 3 years ago
  Taru Karttunen 2db7bbcd0c Support extending files in memoryfs truncate 3 years ago
  Taru Karttunen 8a2434ab7c Add support for Truncate on files 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 8067977d87
added DCO 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 198f713dfd
osfs: remove fix for Stat in windows 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 425453eeb6
bump v4 version 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros eeb2866839
MAINTAINERS: add @mcuadros 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 7593029784
LICENSE: changed to Apache 2.0 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 12bc8e7cfb
file.Lock/Unlock added mutex to avoid problems with concurrent calls 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 3e7b6f8d23
Merge pull request #44 from taruti/taruti/file-locking 3 years ago
  Taru Karttunen 45e34c8ef5 Mock Lock+Unlock 3 years ago
  Taru Karttunen 930976e999 osfs: Add comment on file type 3 years ago
  Taru Karttunen c926618166 Add support for file locking 3 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola d0dc16de10 Merge pull request #43 from smola/nested-dirs 3 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola f20ea4c1c2 test: add test for highly nested directories 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 4ad7906356 Merge pull request #42 from smola/tmp-fixes 3 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola 76bfef9075 util.TempFile: use ioutil-like implementation, fixes #41 3 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola 610213dcbd helper/temporal: run full filesystem test suite 3 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola 3ce9d43297 test: test that we can open a lot of temp files 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros c329b7bc7b readme: remove codebeat badge 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 1801347622 Merge pull request #38 from mcuadros/cross 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 8cde47a098 chroot: allow Symlinks cross boundary 3 years ago
  Santiago M. Mola c74cbe6ab4 Merge pull request #37 from mcuadros/mount-missing 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros 45b3d235fa mount: adding missing Join method 3 years ago
  Máximo Cuadros e501c17e5a Merge pull request #36 from mcuadros/temporal 3 years ago