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Aurora OpenCloud

A Container Engine for illumos implementing the broadly used standards in the cloud field and making them work with the Quality and integration the illumos is used to.


The following standards are in scope of this Project:


To make these standards usable the following Components are part of this Project:

  • CLI
    • cloudadm create and manage clusters on hardware or any supported cloud provider
    • podadm run and manage containers and pods on single nodes or clusters
    • imageadm build and publish images in the OCI format from configuration instructions or Dockerfiles
  • Kubernetes
    • podadmd a kubelet implementation allowing kubernetes workloads to run within zones
  • Higher level concepts


Currently the OCI standards are implemented


From source

Install Go 1.13 or higher. Make sure you have a working Go environment. See the install instructions. For OpenIndiana you can do the following


pkg install -v golang-113 system/header developer/build/gnu-make git developer/gcc-8 system/library/gcc-8-runtime jq


Install the task utility to build the code.

git clone task
pushd task/cmd/task
    git checkout $TASK_VERSION
    go install -v

Finally build and install the code. This will install the binaries under /usr/local and the custom zone brand into the correct directory.

task install


Create a configuration file for the CLI utilities

cat <<EOF > /etc/opencloud.yaml
    path: "rpool/podhost"
    mountpoint: "/podhost"
  hubUrl: ""


Before you can use the CLi you need to initialize the Host once. That will create all the required ZFS datasets and write default state files.

podadm host-init

Now you can run an existing container via podadm run

podadm run  docker://openindiana/hipster

or import your existing zones as images

imageadm import -z ZONENAME IMAGENAME


Want to join the project or have a question? Join us in IRC (irc://