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mancheck: Manual Page Shipping Checks

The mancheck tool performs several checks against the contents of the proto/ area and the shipping manifest files produced during the build. The goal of running the tool is to ensure that no available manual pages are left accidentally unshipped.

To that end, the -m and -s flags may be used to check shipped binaries in directories like usr/bin against pages in section 1 or 8. In addition to these checks, configuration files containing pattern-based rules may be provided to describe the full set of manual pages we expect to ship. Those files are described in the following section.

mancheck.conf File Format

The file may contain C style comments, e.g.

 * An example comment.

The file may also contain several different directive classes. These directives are described here in the same order that mancheck uses when processing files.

Pass 1: Section-level Exclusion Directives

The first directive type enables a specific manual page section (e.g. 3lib) to be excluded from processing. If the manual page section matches any section exclusion directive, the section is excluded immediately, even if it later matches a section inclusion directive.

For example, to exclude the 3perl section, use this directive:

-section "3perl";

All directives also accept partially specified section names using the globbing tokens described in fnmatch(5). For example, to exclude section 1 and every subsection (e.g. 1b, etc), use:

-section "1*";

Because exclusion directives are processed first, and negate all subsequent directive processing, it is of vital importance to be as specific as possible when excluding sections or subsections.

Pass 2: Section-level Inclusion Directives

If a section is not explicitly excluded in Pass 1, it may then be included for processing with an inclusion directive. For example, to include all of section 4 (and subsections), use:

+section "4*";

If a section is not matched by any inclusion directive, it is implicitly left out of all further processing.

Pass 3: Page-level Exclusion Directives

Even though the goal is generally to ship entire sections of the manual, some components will install pages into the wrong part of the proto area or will install pages that are explicitly not relevant to SmartOS. If a specific page is to be excluded, a page-level exclusion directive may be used.

For example, say that section 3lib is being shipped. That section may contain a page that is not relevant, and should not be shipped: e.g. libusb.3lib. That single page may be excluded from mancheck processing by using:

-page "libusb.3lib";

Note that fnmatch(5) patterns are available here as well, but in general exclusion rules should be as specific as possible to prevent unshipped pages creeping into the build in the future.