Local Mirror Of SmartOS Live Build Environment
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# This file and its contents are supplied under the terms of the
# Common Development and Distribution License ("CDDL"), version 1.0.
# You may only use this file in accordance with the terms of version
# 1.0 of the CDDL.
# A full copy of the text of the CDDL should have accompanied this
# source. A copy of the CDDL is also available via the Internet at
# http://www.illumos.org/license/CDDL.
# Copyright (c) 2019, Joyent, Inc.
# Copyright 2022 MNX Cloud, Inc.
# This script automates the process of building ISO and USB images of a SmartOS
# build. It can also be used to produce the proforma disk images used by the
# tools in sdc-headnode.git to produce Triton USB and COAL images. When
# building SmartOS media, it uses the latest platform file that's been built.
# This program can be invoked standalone via the "gmake iso", "gmake usb" and
# "gmake images" targets of the top-level Makefile in "smartos-live.git".
# This script needs to be run either as root or as a user that is granted the
# "Primary Administrator" profile. When run in a non-global zone, it must be
# configured with "fs_allowed=ufs,pcfs".
# Things are complicated here by the fact that we would like to run inside a
# non-global zone with older kernels. Most of our partitioning tools such as
# format do not run well inside a non-global zone, and labeled lofi doesn't
# have sufficient support either. So we delegate the tricky bits to
# format_image.
# Equally, we can no longer directly mount the root partition for populating:
# pcfs has no logic of its own for parsing GPT partitions. So we have to play
# games using dd(1) to copy the root FS image into the right place based on
# its partition offset. We also place the partition layout into the images
# tarball, so sdc-headnode can do the same. (As it is, the offset is actually
# fixed, but that seems like a bad thing to rely on.)
# Image size in bytes (bi_imgsz) is set to accommodate 2GB devices that are
# actually a bit smaller than 2GB. In this case, 1.94GB with 256 extra bytes
# to meet a requirement to be a multiple of 512 bytes.
# Note, if this changes you also need to update SmartOS.vmwarevm/SmartOS.vmdk
# See OS-8386
function detach_lofi()
local readonly dev=$1
if [[ -z "$dev" ]]; then
if pfexec lofiadm $dev 2>/dev/null; then
print "Detaching LOFI device $dev ... \c"
pfexec lofiadm -d $dev
print "done"
function cleanup()
[[ $bi_nocleanup == 1 ]] && return
print "Cleaning up"
if mount | grep $bi_efimnt >/dev/null; then
pfexec umount $bi_efimnt
if mount | grep $bi_rootdir >/dev/null; then
pfexec umount $bi_rootdir
detach_lofi "$bi_lofi_blkdev"
detach_lofi "$bi_esp_blkdev"
pfexec rm -f $bi_tmpdir/esp.img
pfexec rm -f $bi_tmpdir/rootfs.img
pfexec rm -f $bi_tmpdir/smartos.usb
pfexec rm -f $bi_tmpdir/partition.map
pfexec rm -f $bi_tmpdir/loader.conf
pfexec rm -rf $bi_tmpdir/mnt
pfexec rmdir $bi_tmpdir
function fail()
printf "$(basename $0): %s\n" "$1" 1>&2
exit 1
function usage()
[[ ! -z $1 ]] && printf "%s\n\n" "$1" 1>&2
print -u2 "Usage: $(basename $0) [-I] [-x] [-c console] " \
"[-p <size>] -r <smartos-live repo>"
print -u2 " -I\tbuild SmartOS ISO image (default: USB image)"
print -u2 " -c\tspecify primary console (e.g. ttyb)"
print -u2 " -p\tbuild proforma USB image for Triton (e.g. 1gb)"
print -u2 " -x\tdon't cleanup on exit (for debugging use)\n"
exit 2
function pfrun()
pfexec $*
local status=$?
if [[ $status != 0 ]]; then
print -u2 "\nCommand failed: $*\nExit status: $status"
exit 1
# Construct the EFI System Partition (ESP) image, We size it at 256 MB, which
# is intentionally much larger than what we need currently, in order to leave
# headroom for future projects which may need to store data in the ESP.
function create_esp()
local readonly tmpdir=$1
local readonly efimnt=$2
local readonly esp_size=256 # MiB
local readonly esp_sects=$(( $esp_size * 1024 * 1024 / 512 ))
pfrun mkfile -n ${esp_size}m $tmpdir/esp.img
bi_esp_blkdev=$(pfexec lofiadm -a $tmpdir/esp.img)
[[ $? == 0 ]] || fail "Failed to create ESP lofi device"
readonly esp_rawdev=${bi_esp_blkdev/lofi/rlofi}
pfrun mkfs -F pcfs -o b=system,size=$esp_sects,nofdisk,fat=32 \
$esp_rawdev </dev/null
pfrun mkdir -p $efimnt
pfrun mount -F pcfs -o foldcase $bi_esp_blkdev $efimnt
pfrun mkdir -p $efimnt/efi/boot
pfrun cp $bi_wsroot/proto.boot/boot/loader64.efi \
pfrun umount $efimnt
pfrun lofiadm -d $bi_esp_blkdev
# Populate the root filesystem with all the SmartOS bits, as well as the loader
# used in legacy boot mode.
function populate_root()
local readonly dir=$1
print "Installing boot tarball onto root partition ... \c"
pfexec cp -r $bi_wsroot/proto.boot/* $dir/
print "done"
print "Customizing boot loader configuration ... \c"
readonly shadow=\'\$5\$2HOHRnK3\$NvLlm.1KQBbB0WjoP7xcIwGnllhzp2HnT.mDO7DpxYA\'
case "$bi_console" in
text) console="text,ttya,ttyb,ttyc,ttyd" ;;
ttya) console="ttya,ttyb,ttyc,ttyd,text" ;;
ttyb) console="ttyb,ttya,ttyc,ttyd,text" ;;
ttyc) console="ttyc,ttya,ttyb,ttyd,text" ;;
ttyd) console="ttyd,ttya,ttyb,ttyc,text" ;;
*) echo "unknown console $bi_console" 2>&1
exit 1 ;;
cat <<EOF >$bi_tmpdir/loader.conf
pfrun mv $bi_tmpdir/loader.conf $dir/boot/loader.conf
pfrun chmod 644 $dir/boot/loader.conf
print "done"
print "Copying platform image to root partition" \
"(this will take a while) ... \c"
pfexec cp -r $bi_wsroot/output/platform-latest/ $dir/platform
print "done"
# Build our actual ISO image
function create_iso()
local readonly tmpdir=$1
local readonly iso=$2
local readonly espimg=$3
local readonly uid=$(id -u)
local readonly gid=$(id -g)
pfrun mkdir -p $bi_wsroot/output-iso
pfrun mkdir -p $bi_rootdir
populate_root $bi_rootdir
pfrun cp $bi_wsroot/proto/boot/cdboot $bi_rootdir/boot/cdboot
pfrun cp $espimg $bi_rootdir/boot/efiboot.img
pfrun mkisofs -quiet -R \
-eltorito-boot boot/cdboot -no-emul-boot -boot-info-table \
-eltorito-alt-boot -eltorito-platform efi \
-eltorito-boot boot/efiboot.img -no-emul-boot \
-o $iso $bi_rootdir
pfrun chown -R ${uid}:${gid} $bi_wsroot/output-iso
print "Successfully created $iso"
# Assemble all our boot parts into the disk image (the root partition is copied
# over later).
function create_image()
local readonly tmpdir=$1
local readonly size=$2
local readonly file=$3
pfrun mkfile -n $size $file
bi_lofi_blkdev=$(pfexec lofiadm -a $file)
[[ $? == 0 ]] || fail "Failed to create lofi device"
pfrun $bi_wsroot/tools/format_image/format_image \
-m $bi_wsroot/proto.boot/boot/pmbr \
-b $bi_wsroot/proto.boot/boot/gptzfsboot -e $tmpdir/esp.img \
-o ${bi_lofi_blkdev/lofi/rlofi} >$tmpdir/partition.map
pfrun lofiadm -d $bi_lofi_blkdev
# Create the blank root filesystem.
function create_root()
local readonly dev=$1
local readonly image=$2
local readonly offset=$3
local readonly sects=$(( $4 / 512 ))
print "Creating PCFS filesystem in root partition ... \c"
pfrun mkfs -F pcfs -o b=SMARTOSBOOT,size=$sects,nofdisk,fat=32 \
$dev </dev/null
print "done"
if [[ $bi_proforma_only == 1 ]]; then
# Copy the root filesystem image into the correct place inside the image.
function copy_root()
local readonly dev=$1
local readonly image=$2
local readonly offset=$3
local readonly bs=1048576
print "Copying root filesystem ..."
pfrun /usr/bin/dd bs=$bs conv=notrunc if=$dev of=$image \
oseek=$(( $offset / $bs )) >/dev/null
print "done"
function mount_root()
local readonly dev=$1
local readonly rootmnt=$2
local mntopts="-F pcfs"
print "Mounting root partition at $rootmnt ... \c"
pfrun mkdir -p $rootmnt
pfrun mount $mntopts $dev $rootmnt 2>/dev/null
print "done"
function copy_results()
local readonly outdir=$1
local readonly outfile=$2
local readonly prefix=$3
local readonly uid=$(id -u)
local readonly gid=$(id -g)
mkdir -p $outdir
pfrun mv $bi_tmpdir/smartos.usb* $outdir/$outfile
pfrun chmod 644 $outdir/$outfile
pfrun chown ${uid}:${gid} $outdir/$outfile
pfrun cp $bi_tmpdir/partition.map $outdir/${prefix}partition.map
pfrun chown ${uid}:${gid} $outdir/${prefix}partition.map
print "Successfully created $outdir/$outfile"
export PATH=/usr/bin/:/usr/sbin/:/opt/local/bin
while getopts "Ic:p:r:x" c $@; do
case "$c" in
I) bi_make_iso=1 ;;
c) bi_console=${OPTARG} ;;
p) bi_proforma_only=1
bi_imgsz=$(( $bi_proforma_prefix * 1000000000 )) ;;
r) bi_wsroot=$(readlink -f $OPTARG) ;;
x) bi_nocleanup=1 ;;
:) usage ;;
*) usage ;;
set -eou pipefail
unalias -a
[[ -z "$bi_wsroot" ]] && usage "-r is required"
[[ $bi_proforma_only == 1 ]] && [[ $bi_make_iso == 1 ]] && \
usage "-p and -I are mutually exclusive"
[[ -e $bi_wsroot/output/platform-latest ]] || \
fail "No platform image found in $bi_wsroot/output"
bi_tmpdir=$(mktemp -d -p /var/tmp) || fail "mktemp failed!"
trap cleanup EXIT
bi_usb_image_name=$(readlink -f $bi_wsroot/output/platform-latest)
bi_usb_image_name=$(basename $bi_usb_image_name)
print "Creating EFI System Partition image ... \c"
create_esp $bi_tmpdir $bi_efimnt
print "done"
if [[ $bi_make_iso == 1 ]]; then
create_iso $bi_tmpdir $iso_image_name $bi_tmpdir/esp.img
exit 0
print "Creating $bi_imgsz byte image at $bi_tmpdir/smartos.usb ... \c"
create_image $bi_tmpdir $bi_imgsz $bi_tmpdir/smartos.usb
print "done"
echo "partition.map:"
cat $bi_tmpdir/partition.map
rootoff=$(nawk '$1 == "root" { print $3 }' <$bi_tmpdir/partition.map)
rootsize=$(nawk '$1 == "root" { print $4 }' <$bi_tmpdir/partition.map)
pfrun mkfile -n $rootsize $bi_tmpdir/rootfs.img
bi_lofi_blkdev=$(pfexec lofiadm -a $bi_tmpdir/rootfs.img)
[[ $? == 0 ]] || fail "Failed to create lofi device"
create_root $bi_lofi_rawdev $bi_tmpdir/smartos.usb $rootoff $rootsize
# The proforma image's root partition is populated by sdc-headnode, not us.
if [[ $bi_proforma_only != 1 ]]; then
mount_root $bi_lofi_blkdev $bi_rootdir
populate_root $bi_rootdir
pfrun umount $bi_rootdir
copy_root $bi_lofi_rawdev $bi_tmpdir/smartos.usb $rootoff
pfrun lofiadm -d $bi_lofi_blkdev
if [[ $bi_proforma_only == 1 ]]; then
copy_results $bi_wsroot/proto.images ${bi_proforma_prefix}gb.img ${bi_proforma_prefix}gb.
print "Compressing USB image ..."
pfrun /opt/local/bin/pigz $bi_tmpdir/smartos.usb
copy_results $bi_wsroot/output-usb $bi_usb_image_name ""
exit 0