Local Mirror Of Omnios Gate
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This is the OmniOS fork of the core illumos source tree.


In general, and for least surprise, OmniOS must be built on an OmniOS system of the same version. See the build instructions for further information.


The OmniOS fork is regularly updated with changes from the upstream illumos-gate. Contributions to OmniOS are also welcome via Github pull requests.


Contact details for OmniOS can be found on our web site.


The illumos community is small but active. We welcome everybody who would like to use the software and participate in the community -- whether you have decades of experience in systems software, or you're just getting started; whether you work for a company that uses illumos, or you just find it personally interesting.

The Community guide includes details about Mailing Lists and IRC channels.


Most of the existing code is licensed under the CDDL and we expect new code will generally be under this licence as well. Modifications of existing code may not alter the original license terms. Integrations of code from upstream sources that use another open source license are generally permissible.