Local Mirror of Illumos Joyent
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This is the core illumos source tree.


The illumos build must be run on an illumos-based operating system. See the Building illumos section of our documentation for detailed instructions.


Code changes must be reviewed and tested. If you’d like to submit a change for inclusion in the project, please see the Contributing to illumos guide in our documentation.


The illumos community is small but active. We welcome everybody who would like to use the software and participate in the community -- whether you’ve decades of experience in systems software, or you’re just getting started; whether you work for a company that uses illumos, or you just find it personally interesting.

Our Community guide includes details about our Mailing Lists and IRC channels.

Code of Conduct

Participation in our community spaces, and in the project in general, are covered by our Code of Conduct. By participating in the project you agree to abide by its terms.


Most of the existing code is licensed under the CDDL and we expect new code will generally be under this license as well. Modifications of existing code may not alter the original license terms. Integrations of code from upstream sources that use another open source license are permissible, subject to approval of the advocates.