Local Mirror Of Illumos Gate
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illumos gate README - Sep 16, 2012.

This is the illumos gate. This is the illumos source tree. It contains
the following subdirectories:

usr/src - The actual source code

exception_lists - These are lists of exceptional cases
used to limit noise during builds.
Ideally this directory would consist of
only empty files.

Integration Rules:

All changes must have been reviewed, and approved by an advocate
(below). A code review may be performed by someone other than the
advocate, but the final integration should still be approved by the

The advocate will want to see your webrev and hg outgoing -v. The
advocate will also ask about your testing, and may ask to see your
build logs.

All changes must adhere to typical ON style and quality rules.
For example, pass full cstyle, applicable lint rules, etc.

All new code must be licensed under CDDL, and modifications to existing
code may not alter the original license terms. Integrations of code
from upstream sources that use another liberal open source license are
permissible, subject to approval of the advocates or developer council.
Exceptions to this policy shall require the approval of the developer

Commits should have comments of the following form:

1234 This is a sample bug report synopsis
4567 If you have a second bug synopsis…
Reviewed by: Frodo Baggins <frodo.baggins@underhill.net>
Reviewed by: Legolas <elf-coder@mirkwood.org>
Approved by: Gandalf The Grey <rti-advocate@white-council.com>

Each commit must have at least one bug id that is listed in the
illumos-gate project at www.illumos.org.

RTI Advocates: advocates@lists.illumos.org
Developer Council: developer-council@lists.illumos.org

IRC channel: #illumos on irc.freenode.net
Mailing list: developer@lists.illumos.org