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  Till Wegmüller 96fb9bee5d modify import path to local fork 9 months ago
  Till Wegmüller 99db922b1c Add support for solaris 9 months ago
  Joseph Herlant 0fca35bc59 Fix typo: "slienced" is a misspelling of "silenced" (#32) 10 months ago
  Alan Braithwaite 999e9774c1
Merge pull request #31 from segmentio/build-flags 10 months ago
  Alan Braithwaite 09021d2b2b init: add build flags for testing protection 10 months ago
  Achille Roussel a3cc374e8b add module files 11 months ago
  Rob McQueen 247a43403a
Merge pull request #30 from segmentio/systemizer/dont-log-auth 1 year ago
  Rob McQueen 8cb1518895 Add additional validation that req does not change authorization header 1 year ago
  Rob McQueen 0efa1c1785 only remove authorization header in reqheaders copy 1 year ago
  Rob McQueen bd3358ccdb Delete Authorization header from logs 1 year ago
  Rick Branson 1801272406
Fix typo in README.md 1 year ago
  chenpengcheng eda5662ef4 Fixed typos in README.md (#29) 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel 578eaf5a9c get get test dependencies 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel aacf1b5b56 cleanup circle config file 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel e25d7ab218 enable caching of docker images on circle 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel f73f74f1a2 use circle 2.0 and fix go vet warnings 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel 9b19202297 more README updates 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel 4bd4394e17 more README updates 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel 1a25311fc3 more README updates 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel dfc18c7c96 add code example to README 1 year ago
  Achille 406fcabaf3 test signal errors (#28) 1 year ago
  Achille 592b0544d8 Capture http headers (#27) 1 year ago
  Achille Roussel 567f509b6c show function name in ecslogs error stack traces 2 years ago
  Prateek Srivastava 7c887d6d78 Merge pull request #26 from segmentio/eventstest 2 years ago
  Prateek Srivastava 54e79c46c4 Add eventstest package. 2 years ago
  Achille 7f4f914232 fix line number (#25) 2 years ago
  Achille 28f94e39a3 Merge pull request #22 from segmentio/test-unsafe-crash 2 years ago
  Achille e0dc09eb26 Merge pull request #23 from segmentio/fix-unsafe-crash 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel d9273dcfe8 add comment 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel a10cc3b76b cleanup 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 57c711f7e4 rollback unsafe optimizations 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 565760a6fe fix circle.yml file 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel f403ac1086 pre-allocate argument list 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 89bb143471 fix unsafe crash 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 5ccbc8dc29 test unsafe crash 2 years ago
  Achille a9bac207c6 Merge pull request #21 from segmentio/benchmark-and-optimize-httpevents 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 387ad0d10f [skip ci] update comment 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 30e3dfaea9 [skip ci] update comment 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 2676b36954 optimize logger 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 6d539cff59 add missing files 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel cf6bff03ff get rid of runtime control of optimizations 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel a53e4a59ac benchmark and optimize httpevents 2 years ago
  Achille 000ea85bfa Merge pull request #20 from segmentio/log-access-as-debug 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel d3884f929f report 1xx/2xx/3xx as debug logs 2 years ago
  Achille c07a7c2477 Merge pull request #18 from segmentio/drop-netx-dependency 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 619027b260 drop github.com/segmentio/netx dependency 2 years ago
  Achille e02947fd1e Merge pull request #17 from segmentio/netevents-listener 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel fbb3197561 cleanup 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 76a7ec4008 add netevents.NewListener 2 years ago
  Achille Roussel 4d9dcad0ab add mutexes to synchronize writing to the logger outputs 2 years ago